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biden under pressure to do well after president obama's lackluster performance last week. we've got anita brikman live with the story from mclean but begin with a preview. >> reporter: both vice president joe
obama is leaving it up to uncle joe biden to make their comeback. oh, boy. biden will have to make the case that president obama deserves a second term, and no one, including obama himself, has yet made that case. former presidential candidate newt gingrich who knows a thing or two about all of this is my very special guest. also this evening, the u.s. embassy in yemen was attack. expect the consulate attack in benghazi will be brought up in the debate tonight. neither president obama for vice president biden has faced the press with any tough questions about what did they know and when did they know it about bengz? and how dare team obama call this a political issue stirred up by republicans. that's remarkable. first, take a look at this. last week, the real clear politics electoral map had the president holding on to 251-181 electoral votes lead. today the map flipped. five states went from leaning obama to a tossup. that's michigan, new hampshire, pennsylvania, wisconsin and ohio. so it's now 201-181.. it's the narrowest electoral margin yet. 50 electoral votes erased from the o
've already seen the obama/biden campaign trying to start to ramp up its response machine ahead of the debate. there's the pre-debate web video titleded paul ryan and his many methods of misrepresentation. they've created a new witness twitter handle solely for rapid response after we see the responses in tonight's debate. so do you see biden passionately taking on ryan on his statements? >> absolutely. i think after last week, the president looked a little surprised at times when romney said, no, i don't have a $5 trillion tax cut despite the evidence that he does. i think that biden is really prepared for this and will be aggressive on that tax plan pressing ryan for details. i also think one of the factors to keep in mind, i think the moderator martha raddatz will be thinking about those things, too, and press ryan on those specific details, as well. >> you're there in danville. speaking of which also there is paul ryan, you see the video we're just getting in of him arriving at the location to preview what is on the stage. and speaking of which, jackie, paul ryans as you have seen in the
this movie before. it ended in a catastrophe. >> the the congressman taking aim at the obama-biden white house record. >> you can turn on the tv and you can look at how the obama foreign policy is blowing up in our faces. >> the candidates know the debate stakes are higher after ryan's boss scored and biden's boss stumbled. now, c nnn's coverage. >> we will take responsibility and own up and get things dope. >> america's coming back! we're not going back! we're going forward! >> the nation is watching. voters want answers and america's future is up for debate. >>> this is danville, kentucky. the sight of tonight's debate. joe biden and paul ryan is getting ready for their only chance to compete face to face on the issues. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world to debate night in america. i'm wolf blitzer. tonight, these candidates need to prove to voters they're qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. we're going to give you an exclusive look at the set-up for joe biden's debate preparations and dana bash has an exclusive interview with pau
bad. >> the advantage is to make the top guy look good. joe biden will be selling president obama and ryan will be selling romney. >> here is the reaction earlier today. >> right now the romney campaign is running away from their positions, like unwanted step children but we're going to hold them to them and explain to the country exactly what the differences are here because the choice is very stark. >> well, what do you think they will do, chuck? do you say there's a connection between what he just said and what will happen tonight? >> yes. look, the idea that somehow that the chicago wasn't involved with this and suddenly came through, they've always been involved. this is one big team here, obama/biden. that seems silly to me. overreported about was axelrod involved. yes, that is what they are trying to do. build a bigger contrast. that is biden's job tonight, is to try to draw brighter lines. the president didn't do that. mitt romney's goal was to try to blur lines in that last debate and this time biden is supposed to draw brighten lines. we'll see how he does it and they ar
over the last four years and it's incumbent on president obama and vice president biden to explain what exactly has happened over the last four years 23 million americans out of work, 47 million americans on food stamps 1 in 6 americans in poverty have them explain the rational for why they deserve a second term. there is a choice as it relates to the budgets, they are running on the romney/ryan agenda. governor romney laid out a plan, his five-point plan for the middle class. >> nbc's ron mott has been covering congressman ryan throughout and traveling with him and interviewing dan senor as well, and joins me now here. you've been with ryan camp. what is the mood? they must have gotten pumped up. >> totally. >> by the romney performance. now there's a whole expectation game for their own performance tonight. >> they've been playing the lower the expectations saying we're up against a guy very good and that is very true. paul ryan doesn't have the national debate experience that vice president biden does and vice president biden is pretty good at it. and what you just heard dan senor sa
biden, to try to even the score. republicans are hoping to go 2-0. team obama needs a strong performance from biden to make up for last week and change the subject, which the president is still being forced to explain. >> governor romney had a good night. i had a bad night. >> not bad. >> well, it's not the first time i've had a bad night, but i think what's important is that the fundamentals of what this race is about haven't changed. governor romney went to a lot of trouble to try to hide what his positions are because he knows that those ideas have been rejected. they won't work. and if he's making an honest presentation about what he's proposed, he will lose. >> of course, the president's poor performance means there may be more pressure on biden than ryan tonight. yet despite the pressure, anyone who watched biden during the 2008 democratic primary debates might consider him the favorite going into tonight. yes, he's prone to hyperbole, yes he hasn't had much practice with tv interviews in months, actually years for many of us, but biden is a strong debater. and he has the same thip
romney was widely viewed over being victorious over president obama. joe biden has to avoid making a gaffe. the president said he has confidence in joe biden. >> i think joe just needs to be joe. congressman right june a smart -- is smart and he's an effective speaker -- ryan is a smart and effective speaker but his idea are wrong and joe knows that. >> reporter: ryan says the two actually get along quite well. they know eacher from -- each other from capitol hill. back to you. >> you can watch the debate right here on the news at 67:00 right here -- 6:00 right here. the news of ktvu will follow. we're providing live coverage on our app and live streaming. >>> according to data from state election board, more democrats than republicans have registered to vote in most battleground states including florida and nevada. campaign says a deeper look also shows an uptick in latinos and young people. >>> more than half of california schools met the state-wide academic achievement award. the score is calculated from different state standardized tests. the route says middle school students m
. i think joe biden and barack obama have done an outstanding job. i already know who i am going to vote for. >> what issue is most important to you this year in the election? >> health care. mitt romney and paul ryan want to take everything from us, and i don't think that is bare. -- out of think that is fair. >> speaking of politics, let's go to the other side of the aisle and introduce you to the colleget of cedntre democrats. he is a history major and government maj. we like those kind of majors at c-span here, mr. miller. thanks for being with us. >> thank you for asking me to be on give us a sense of what the campus has been like. what is your view of how the last couple of weeks have been unfolding, with all the logistics, sponsors, and the like, in a town of 16,000. >> i have to tell you, starting way back last november, we were so excited when we heard we were going to be hosting the only vice-presidential debate, and the excitement has just been built up on leading up to the debate. our student population has been incredibly receptive. the two groups have worked great t
is predicting joe biden will, quote, make mince meat of congressman paul ryan. something even president obama admits he did not do in his own debate with governor mitt romney last week. the governor has been gaining ground in the polls ever since. new faye from three key swing states from the "wall street journal" and nbc news. "wall street journal," the parent company of this network, or owned by the parent company. it shows governor romney closing the gap in virginia and ohio, with the president hanging on in florida. less than an hour ago, the tampa bay times and herald newspapers released a poll from florida. it shows governor remain knee opening up a decisive seven-point lead in that poll, which is outside the margin of error. the vice president and congressman ryan say they've been studying and practicing for this. they've dropped a few hints about what we can all expect tonight. >> the thing about congressman ryan is he's been straightforward up to now about everything he has -- all the significant changes he wants to make. we have a fundamentally different view on a whole range of iss
president biden for the reasons that you just mentioned, is president-elect obama going to come out and be aggressive. they need to do something to change the narrative that came out of the presidential debate last week. i expect him to come out and try and do that this evening. >> shep: we got mighty good housing numbers. the conventional wisdom is that if the news is good, the sitting candidate, the one who is already in office, has the edge on those matters. how do you attack that? >> i think we all hope for good news. we all hope the economy starts coming back around, that people get back to work. if you look at second quarter growth numbers this last year, those have been adjusted downward to 1.3%. you still have fuel prices of more than doubled since the president took office, health insurance costs are up 29%, college tuition up 25%. as i said earlier, incomes are down. and so we've got serious economic problems in this country that need to be addressed that aren't being addressed. we need to change the direction of the country. that's what a romney-ryan ticket will do is a d
is president obama's record. >> joe biden has passion. paul ryan relies on power points. he'd better have specifics or he will likely be called out. joe biden will rely on foreign policy experience. he has been known to be gaffe prone. >> he made that all remark about the chains. >> what you see is what you get with the vice president. we think that is a real asset. and you trust them. you know that he is being honest. is there an advantage? republicans say of course. >> joe biden has been doing this since the 1800's. >> tonight, joe biden will make mincemeat of paul ryan. >> keep in mind, either way this is their first and only debate. there is no second chance. >> you can watch the vice- presidential debate right here on abc 7. coverage begins at 9:00. we invite you to log on to from a smart phone or tablet. >> of family just 26 -- the race for president is tightening. mitt romney and president obama are hitting the battleground states. many of the key states are up for grabs. according to the new university survey, governor romney now leads in colorado, but still traili
by romney after his first debate with president obama. watch biden take on paul ryan live on abc 7. >>> number three, in a few hour the giants will try to complete an improbable come back in cincinnati. yesterday san francisco staved off elimination over the reds. if they win they will be the first national league team ever to win a divisional series after losing the first two games at home. >> number four, a's will play pivotal game 5:00 tonight following last night's amazing win over the tigers. crisp knocked in smith with that single, capping thrilling three-aren't 9th inning rally to win 4-3 first pitch 6:37 at the coliseum if they win a's advance to the american league championship series. >> number five, you have been thinking about her, good news, after a month in the hospital, robin roberts home. she is resting in her own bed after undergoing a bone marrow transplant three weeks ago. no word when she will return to gma, but she is doing well. >>> good morning. let's take a look at live doppler. you are going to like to see this showing dry weather even though it is a little
. today the shoe is on the other food for obama/biden and romney/ryan. last week it was the president's team facing high expectations. this week it is paul ryan who is expected to perform well. last week the stakes were monumental for the romney team who desperately needed a strong performance to overcome weeks of mistakes, bad polls and republican hand wringing. this week it is team obama facing high stakes to stop the bleeding and quiet the lamenting of freaked out democrats who were disappointed with last week's apathetic performance. the stylistic shoe may be on the other foot as well. ryan like obama can come across as cerebral and distant. one last thing, while the pressure is on for biden, a lot is at stake for ryan too. while he is well known by inside the belt way crowd, the national audience is just getting to know ryan. his unnecessary bending of the truth sullied his reputation. this is take two for ryan to make a favorable impression and to preserve his own future regardless of whether the romney ryan ticket. this is happening in kentucky, a state known for derby, bourbon
is ahead of president obama. >>> our partners from "u.s.a. today" will be fact checking what biden and ryan said just as they did during the presidential debate. joining me is one of the members of fact checking team paul singer. paul, good to you have here with us. we see the poll numbers 49% to 47%. this time in favor of governor romney. debates are really making a difference. the president's flat performance has changed things. what does joe biden have to do to turn things around? what does paul ryan have to do to keep things going? >> the question is whether joe biden can turn things around. the polls have moved in romney's favor. i think biden clearly wants to again make the difference between ryan and romney clear if he can, sort of separate them and say which side are you on on abortion, where are you on taxes, whose budget are we talking about, really try and nail down some of the facts that biden and obama feel were not clear enough and not made clear enough in the presidential debate. >> es that' because the president didn't -- that's because the president didn't make them clear.
new momentum, while the obama-biden camp is trying to win it back. that left all of the pressure on the number two's today, as the hours counted down. the candidates were sounding upbeat, ahead of their face-off at centre college in danville, kentucky. vice president joe biden departed his home state of delaware today for the debate. >> i'm looking forward to it. >> woodruff: the republican vice presidential nominee, wisconsin congressman paul ryan, arrived yesterday. >> feel good about it. >> woodruff: but the public show of confidence belied the tension, as several new national polls show ryan's running mate, governor romney, with a slight lead, though within the margin of error. that made what happens on the stage tonight, even more critical. president obama called his vice president to wish him luck today, and voiced support for his man last night, in an interview on abc news. >> i think joe just needs to be joe. >> woodruff: and mitt romney played up ryan's chances, at a wednesday event, in ohio. >> i think paul ryan will do great. >> woodruff: the debate will run 90 minute
. but the achilles heel he has is president obama's record. >> joe biden arrived later this morning. he got advice from president obama last night who told abc world news that joe biden simply needs to be himself. >> joe just needs to be joe. congressman ryan is a smart and but his ideas are the wrong ones. >>> there are more signs meanwhile that last week's debate has turned this race upside down. owl poll among likely voters say the romney ticket went from a one-point deficit to a large legaled. take a look at this. among independent voters there was a huge shift away from the president that is a big concern for him this close to the election. the other thing to consider tonight the moderator. these are the four moderators for this series of debates. jim laier did the debate. many people say he lost control of the debate. it upped the pressure on martha she is the moderator tonight. >> doug lousader in washington, thank you. >> now to the attack on our consulate in libya. yesterday an intense day on capitol hill lawmakers trying to get to the bottom of what happened. there have been many questio
. in this case maybe vice president biden can change the conversation which would be a win for obama if he could do that. >> who has more to lose going into this tonight? oo evening paul ryan does even though he is inexperienced. it is a huge opportunity to introduce himself. he needs to hold his own. he needs to be seen as somebody who can step in for romney. there's a bit of a stature gap he needs to close that. >> that could also work in his favor as we saw when dick cheney and john edwards were together. let's take a look at a clip of that from viewers remind you have that. >> first time i ever met you was when you walked on the stage tonight. >> that gave a real distance between the two. you saw the generational gap there but also a gap in experience in a way. >> it was a bright move by dick cheney saying you are a new comer nobody knows who you are. vice president biden is saying there's a chance to say i know foreign policy you don't. paul ryan the expectations are low for him. as long as he stands on stage and holds his own he will be fine. >> take a look at another blunder here. we reme
's joe biden's greatest weakness for tomorrow night? >> barack obama's record. joe biden has been on these big stages. it's my first time. but what he can't run from is president obama's record. they're just offering more of the same. >> if president obama is sweating tonight's debate, he's not showing it. >> i think joe just needs to be joe. congressman ryan is a smart and effective speaker. but his ideas are the wrong ones. >> mitt romney's debate performance last week re-energized his campaign, but our brand new swing state polls show it didn't change a lot of minds. 92% of voters in ohio and florida made up their minds before the debate. 91% in virginia. overall, the dial did move slightly in romney's favor in florida and virginia, the race is virtually tied. but president obama leads ohio by six points in the nbc news "wall street journal" maris poll. joining me to talk about all of it, e.j.dion and dana milbank. gentlemen, good morning. remember the old commercial never let them see you sweat? dana, how much pressure is joe biden under tonight? >> he's been at this an awfull
the bar is much higher for joe biden. i think that's because president obama set it that way because of his pathetic performance. in the words of joe biden himself, steve, tonight is a big bleeping deal. so he has to come out of the gate. the problem is, he has a really weak script. while i don't think he's going to have any foot in mouth foibles like he typically does because the stakes are so high and campaign aides have probably cautioned him against that, i think the gaffe tonight is going to be the weak script that the obama-biden team had over the last four years because any time he tries bring up his record, i think paul ryan, who is so knowledgeable, is going to pounce. again, juan brought up that visual of young versus old and i think joe biden is just going to look like an old washington fixture with this young gun who actually has fresh ideas. i think he'll espouse that same romney template for debating. >> steve: juan, the administration really has given paul ryan something to whack joe biden in the head with and that is while there is this investigation going on on capit
was talking to the campaigns, if they get one thing out of biden tonight, the obama campaign, that is to make the base of the democratic party feel better tonight, that he gets a little aggressive, that he goes after some core issues like abortion, like contraception to make the base feel better. on the ryan side, they know they sort of have in a weird way they have outsized expectations from their own base. the base of the republican party doesn't respect joe biden so they expect ryan to just destroy him. what they want out of this is simply perhaps to get into a very in the weeds debate, make it feel issuey, maybe even make it seem a little heavy on washington speak or congress speak because that sort of will blunt anything, sort of prevent there to be a big fight, prevent biden from able to get -- score any big victory or anything like that. >> chris, romney has doubled down on his claim that we do have health care for the uninsured, the emergency room. he told the columbus dispatch, we don't have people that become ill who die in their apartment because they don't have insurance. i guess
at anytime. tonight the vice presidential debate. pressure on joe biden to do better than president obama did last week. and the choice will still remain, going forward with barack obama or backward with mitt romney. now with today's current news update. lisa ferguson out in los angeles. >> good morning, everyone. the vice presidential debate is tonight. joe biden arrives in danville kentucky at 12:45 this afternoon. the debate is at 9:00 pm eastern time. you can expect the attack dog coming from joe biden tonight. his main goal is to make up for lost ground after the presidential debate last week. ryan is expecting it, though. so there is a chance he will be well prepared. he told a detroit radio station earlier this week, he thinks biden will come at him like a cannon ball. that aggressive stance is not something we saw from the president last week. >> obama: as i said the -- you know there's no doubt that i can make a better case which is why i'm so looking forward to tuesday. >> it is possible you handed him the election that night? >> no. >> debates do not have a
a boost jumping three points while the obama-biden ticket dropped three. the impact of the debate seems greater among independents with that voting bloc jumping five points in support of team romney while team obama dropped 7 points. president obama's opinion stayed the same after the debate while gove romney's rose four percentage points. that gives him a one point lead. still when you factor in the margin of error it is still too close to call. how did the president and governor romney did at the debate? both are weighing in. >> well, governor romney i had a good night. i had a bad night. >> how bad? >> well, it is not the first time i've had a bad night. >> well, obviously the president wasn't happy with the response to our debate last night. >> what's your message to joe biden about tomorrow night? >> well i, you know, i think joe just needs to be joe. jon: joining us now is karl rove, former senior advisor and deputy chief of staff to president george w. bush and a fox news contributor. i want to get your take on that advice from the president. he said let joe be joe. isn't that ki
's say it is smaller than the last one. palin-biden got a bigger audience in the first obama- mccain debate because people were fascinated by sarah palin. see biden do is go after ryan's record and some of the budget proposals that he has made in the past in the ryan plans and say that is the road romney, not what you are hearing now. he will cut this program, racist attacks. it will be interesting to watch how brian pivots off of that and says no, those were my ideas and those on offense and say your ideas do not work. that is why the economy is the way it is. >> was talk about the senate and the house. the senate is controlled by the democrats. republicans have tried to pick up enough seats to gain control. will the for republicans gain control of the senate? what is>> now i would put it ard 40% republicans taking the majority. olympia snowe retiring, todd akins becoming a biology instructor. hawaii and new mexico have not done as well as expected. democrats have 53 seats, republicans, 47. republicans need a three-seat net gain. republicans are going to win nebraska foreshore. effe
when asked to name vice president biden's biggest weakness. >> barack obama's record. >> reporter: the 69-year-old vice president biggest channel is to defend that record more aggressively than president obama did. the president picked up the phone aboard air force one today to wish his veep luck on the way to campaign event many miami, where democratic senator nelson had a blunt prediction. >> tonight, joe biden will make mincemeat of paul ryan. [ applause ] >> reporter: no easy task for the vice president. even though he has more experience in debates. >> his convention speech, joe biden, portrayed a president who is engaged, up to the minute on events, who is versed in policy issues. that is not the president we saw on the debate stage in denver. >> reporter: top democrats privately say the biden game plan is to focus on the top of the ticket, hitting romney by going after the target rich ryan budget. strategy the obama camp signaled with a web video today. >> they haven't given me the math. >> well, i don't have the -- it would take me too long to go through all of the math. >
with governor rom ne's post-debate mome ?um can vice-president biden make up for president obama's debate disaster? today, congressman ryan saking about the kentuckyhwn ity f time. but what he can't run from is president obama indefensible record. >> greta: dick morris, author of the book, here come the black helicopters, joins us. niceo s y. gto h. reomwig l an4ouw mouhoughts on the debate? >> well, it comessa a very important time in the election. romney not only won they and bait last week, but his bounce has bed tas 3 , e vie cty moved up in the polls, even more than he did in the immediate aftermath of the debate. i just saw a poll that was taken in pennsylvania, by a pling firm i tust, jnclauli dein oam pennsylvania by 49-forty46. smith's running very close to casey for the senate. ryan needs to keep that momentum up approximate this election costweolia d a policy person. a young person and an old person. i think on both scores, ryan will really help romney. we have to realize how much of obama's appeal isenio v.ebwi 25 ora 25-year, i guess, difference in age, and one who is kind of
emphasize the clear differences between the obama and romney campaigns. >> joe biden has been on the stage before. this is my first time. but what he can't run from is president obama's indefensible record. >> biden is much more experienced on the debate stage. he participated in 20 debates in the 2008 debate campaign. he said he's studying on ryan's record an he will make that his focus tonight. >> governor romney has -- i don't want to say anything in the debate that is into the completely accurate. president obama attended martha raddic attended her wedding 20 years ago, some say it's a conflict of interest. the debate team says it's a nonissue. >> you can watch the debate tonight at 6:00. ktvu news will follow immediately afterward. we're providing live streaming coverage at >>> in just a few hours, a preliminary hearing will resume. 18-year-old max wade of san rafael is charged with attempted murder for allegedly shooting at a mill valley come back in april. authorities think he was angry about romantic rejection. he's also accused of stealing guy fieri's lamborghini last ma
in this election. on the other hand, biden and obama have been very consistent and their policies are broadly popular. they are talking about restoring the middle class. they are talking about the american dream. they have a balanced plan that makes sense to americans. so i think it is very tough for paul ryan. not only does he have to defend his own budget but mitt romney's plans and he has to be able to reconcile the differences between what mitt romney has been selling and what his actual policies are. >> now, meanwhile, governor romney, chris, says that people in the country don't die from lack of health insurance. i'm going to read a quote. we don't have a setting across this country where if you don't have insurance, we just say to you, tough luck, you're going to die when you have your heart attack. no, you go to the hospital. you get treated. you get care and it's paid for either by charity, the government, or by the hospital. we don't have people that become ill who die in their apartment because they don't have insurance. >> well, that's not true. >> that's a quote. >> well, that's
and did george bush a virs. and president obama is hoping joe biden can do that for him tonight. >> i was wondering if you're going to ask that question, are you ready if something god forbid were to happen, a heartbeat away, do you make that point with paul ryan when the republican caricature of biden keeps pointing that out? this guy is heartbeat away from the president? it depends which side of the aisle you're on as to who wins the argument. biden has been around a long time, but you don't need to be -- you can be a relative newcomer and be more prepared to perhaps step into that job if you needed to. >> i think there would be -- there could be some utility of that argument for biden because ryan lacks foreign policy experience. but because ryan has a reputation as somebody who is bright and intellectual leader of the party, i think that will not be as potent an attack. i will say i talked to both bob dole and dan quayle and they said two things that i thought were useful. one is quail said, look, yes, biden makes mistakes, but he makes mistakes when he goes off message and freela
the rug. he should be asked to explain these comments. >> obama and biden want to raise taxes bia trillion dollars? guess what? yes, we do. how they can justify raising taxes in the middle class that has been buried the last four years... how in lord's name, can they justify? >> he's going to let the big banks write their own rules, unchain wall street! they are going to put you back in chains. >> because of the decisions he has made... and the incredible strength of the american people, america has turned the corner! [cheers and applause] >> sean: all right. if that joe biden shows up tomorrow, it will be a very entertaining 90 minutes of television. meanwhile, new polls the romney surge continues, thanks to his stellar debate performance. we begin with the latest fox news survey, released a short time ago, which shows that governor romney has wrestled the lead from the president, thanks to a six-point swing after the meltdown in mile high in denver. we are seeing that movement in several other national polls. investors business daily shows that romney's lead has grown to 5 points among l
. and president obama had a horrible debate. but that is not stopping him from giving vice-president joe biden advice for his debate tomorrow night. hear the president's advice to the vice-president, coming up. [ male announcer ] what can you experience in a seat? inspiration. great power. iconic design. exhilarating performance. [ race announcer ] audi once again has created le mans history! [ male announcer ] and once in a great while... all of the above. take your seat in the incomparable audi a8. the highest-ranked vehicle appeal among large premium cars by j.d. power and associates. ♪ >> greta: a world-class fight has just started between a world-famous businessman and president obama. vegas casino developer, steve wynn taking a stab at the president over jobs and the economy. listen to the knockout punch. >> i have created about 250,000 direct special indirect jobs, according to the state of nevada's measurement. that's exactly -- if the number's 250,000, that's exactly 250,000 more than this president, who i will be damned if i want to have him lecture me about small business and jobs
-debate mome ?um can vice-president biden make up for president obama's debate disaster? today, congressman ryan speaking about the kentucky showdown. >> joe biden's been on this stage before. it's my first time. but what he can't run from is president obama's indefensible record. >> greta: dick morris, author of the book, here come the black helicopters, joins us. nice to see you. >> good to be here. >> greta: tomorrow night, less than 24 hours away. tell me your thoughts on the debate? >> well, it comessa a very important time in the election. romney not only won they and bait last week, but his bounce has bounced, in the past 2 or 3 days, there is evidence that he is actually moved up in the polls, even more than he did in the immediate aftermath of the debate. i just saw a poll that was taken in pennsylvania, by a polling firm i trust, john mclaughlin that shows that romney is defeating obama in pennsylvania by 49-forty46. smith's running very close to casey for the senate. ryan needs to keep that momentum up approximate this election could be over. i think the big thing is the contrast
is loss for the obama/biden ticket. that's not good. so what he wants to do -- the best case scenario for joe biden going into this x this is why they've kept him out of circulation, they've prepped him because of his propensity for gaffing and because of the problems that he so often has on the trail. they've kept him under wraps for a wile. and i think probably the hope was he could just sort of run out the clock and be avuncular, friendly as the president calls him, sheriff joe. and just be this, this character that people may not have great esteem for, but that they find to be funny and likable. and do that against paul ryan and run out the clock and not change the discussion of the debate. but democrats are very angry at the president for not being tougher, as the president said too polite, when it came to mitt romney. so now to us in falls to the vice president who's an attack dog by nature to come out and really sink his teeth into paul ryan. megyn: avuncular meaning like your uncle. something i had to look up. [laughter] you and i have had a lot of discussions about joe biden
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